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Welcome to the ISSK2024 registration process! Before proceeding, kindly ensure the completion of your registration fee payment, amounting to 2000 rupees. You have the option to make the payment through either QR scan or direct bank transfer.

To facilitate a seamless registration, please upload a screenshot of your transaction, including the transaction ID, to advance to the second step of the registration process. Upon successful submission of the registration form, accompanied by the necessary documents, our team will meticulously review your details.

Following the verification process, we will reach out to you with your official ISSK2024 entry ID and confirmation of your registration. It is imperative to note that only registrations accompanied by successful payments and valid transaction IDs will be processed.

In the event that you do not receive a response within two working days after submitting your payment and registration form, kindly reach out to us at +91 9645365606 or at We value your participation and look forward to welcoming you to ISSK2024!


Registration Fee = 2000/-

Maximum file upload Size is 3 MB

Registration Closed. Only Spot Registration Possible

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Registration Closed. Only Spot Registration Possible