Sports, Fitness and Wellness Expo

An overview

Discover the Pinnacle of Sports & Fitness Innovation

Welcome to the ISSK 2024 Sports, Fitness and Wellness Expo, a pulsating hub within the International Sports Summit Kerala 2024 where innovation, competition, and the spirit of sports collide. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled showcase of sports and fitness products, thrilling competitions, enriching workshops, and breathtaking demonstrations and performances.

Immersive Activities in Exclusive Arenas

Embark on a journey through more than 10 exclusive activity arenas, each designed to provide a hands-on and immersive experience across a spectrum of sports and fitness disciplines. From traditional sports to cutting-edge fitness trends, each arena promises a unique encounter for enthusiasts and novices alike.

In Collaboration with Leading Federations & Academies

Benefit from the expertise of over 30 supporting federations and academies that play a pivotal role in shaping the expo’s diverse landscape. Learn from professionals, engage in discussions, and witness live demonstrations that bring the rich tapestry of sports and fitness to life.

Explore the Latest in 75+ Company Display Stalls

The expo floor is adorned with 75+ company display stalls, each representing a beacon of innovation and excellence in the sports and fitness industry. From state-of-the-art equipment to revolutionary training methodologies, this is your chance to explore the forefront of what the industry has to offer.

Dive into 100+ Sports & Fitness Categories

Discover a plethora of sports and fitness categories, totaling over 100, curated to cater to every passion and interest. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, there’s something for everyone. Explore, engage, and find your niche in the dynamic world of sports and fitness.

Connect with 200+ International & National Brands

Forge connections with more than 200 international and national brands, each contributing to the global sports conversation. From established giants to emerging innovators, the expo serves as a platform to interact with the best in the industry and witness firsthand the future of sports and fitness.

Anticipate a Vibrant Visitor Experience

With an expected footfall of over 75,000 visitors, the expo promises a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Join a diverse community of sports enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds as they converge to celebrate the diversity and dynamism of the sports and fitness ecosystem.

ISSK Sports Expo

Kerala Sports Department

ISSK Event Organizer

Sai Solutions

Sports Expo Partner

Expo Info


23 - 26 January 2024


10:00AM - 08:00PM

Expo Contact

98842 19540, 9994647227


Green Field International Stadium, Karyavattom

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For all expo-related queries, feel free to contact us:

Phone: 98842 19540, 9994647227

expo partner

We are proud to announce that the ISSK Sports, Fitness and Wellness Expo is organized by our esteemed partner, SAI Solutions. With their expertise in event management and a commitment to excellence, SAI Solutions brings a wealth of experience to ensure the seamless execution of this grand expo. As a key collaborator, they play a vital role in curating an exceptional showcase of sports and fitness products, competitions, workshops, and performances. Together with SAI Solutions, ISSK aims to deliver an expo experience that transcends expectations, providing a platform where sports enthusiasts, industry professionals, and visitors alike can celebrate the spirit of sports and fitness.

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98842 19540, 9994647227